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Kavounis Leonidas O.E.,  

25th O.N.R. Thessaloniki - Evzoni Gefira - Thessaloniki

Τel. : 030 2310 622362
Fax : 030 2310 622373

Copper Items - Copper Sweet BowlCopper Items - Copper Sweet Bowl
Copper Items - Copper Sweet Bowl

Copper Sweet Bowl

Decorative copper items
Quality in performance and presentation
Special quality of construction
Completely Handmade product

Mediterranean-art, a beacon of Greek craftsmanship, excels in crafting and retailing traditional Greek products, featuring a diverse array of handmade copper items. From Kitchen Ware to Decorative Items, Kitchen and Coffee Accessories, and specialized copper pieces for bar and fireplace, the brand embraces the essence of Hellenic artistry. Among its offerings, the Copper Sweet Bowl stands out, epitomizing the brand's dedication to excellence.

In the realm of decorative copper items, the Copper Sweet Bowl by Mediterranean-art is a symphony of quality in performance and presentation. Meticulously handcrafted, each bowl exhibits a special quality of construction, showcasing the brand's commitment to preserving Greek artisanal traditions. These sweet bowls transcend mere functionality, becoming exquisite pieces that grace any setting with warmth and sophistication.

The special quality of construction ensures that each Copper Sweet Bowl is a unique masterpiece, reflecting the brand's passion for delivering completely handmade products. Whether adorning a kitchen, serving as a centerpiece, or enhancing a bar or fireplace area, these bowls are a testament to the rich heritage and craftsmanship embedded in Mediterranean-art's creations.

Product Code N1 - 3214

Height : 25cm           Diameter : 15cm 

Product Code N2 - 3216

Height : 25cm           Diameter : 20cm 

Phone : +30 2310 622362
     Fax : +30 2310 622373



Kavounis Leonidas O.E.

25th Km O.N.R. Thessaloniki- Evzoni

Gefira - Thessaloniki

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