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Copper Saute Pots

Mediterranean-art specializes in the production and sale of traditional Greek products, featuring handmade copper items and decorative pieces. In the realm of copper cookware, our Copper Sauté Pots are a standout category, divided into two types: those with two handles and those with a long handle. Each pot is crafted with meticulous care, upholding high standards of quality. The tinning process involves traditional hand craftsmanship, eschewing electrolytic deposits. Explore the diverse selection of copper cookware below, and remember, customization is our forte – we can tailor kitchenware to your desired dimensions and shapes. Feel free to reach out to us for personalized orders.

The copper sauté pots we produce are copper cookware  divided into two categories. There are copper sauté pots with two handles and those who have a long handle. All of these copper cookware  are made with special care and high standards and quality. Tinning  by traditional hand process and not the electrolytic deposit. Choose below the copper cookware  you are interested in and see more information. Don't forget that in any case we can construct the kitchen ware in the dimension and shape you wish. So don't hesitate to contact us and place your special order.

Phone : +30 2310 622362
     Fax : +30 2310 622373



Kavounis Leonidas O.E.

25th Km O.N.R. Thessaloniki- Evzoni

Gefira - Thessaloniki

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